Our History

House of Hope started back in 2009 as a fellowship of friends and leaders who had been in ministry for several years together. It has grown into a thriving community of people of all ages hungry for revival and more of God's Presence.


Our History

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The roots of House of Hope started as a home group in the fall of 2009. We were a group of people who for one reason or another, had found themselves without a church family. Most of us had been friends for years so we found ourselves being drawn together to pursue Gods presence, worship and explore what family looked like in a church setting.  

In January 2010, we felt the Lord say it was time to make a move to something more organized. In a sense, the Cloud was moving us out of where we were camping and into something new. In May 2010, we formed a gathering called House of Hope. We hosted our first public gathering in June 2010. There were 53 people in attendance and we really didn't know what to do or how to do it. All we knew was we wanted His presence and a family.  So we met corporately once a month for three months until September when we decided it was time to meet weekly.

For the first four months, we met in a little hall, all the while growing both numerically and in our hunger for His presence. In January 2011, we moved to a larger location and rented space on a weekly basis.

In August 2013, we moved again into the location we are now in. Over the span of five years, we have grown into a family of believing believers who love His presence, love to worship and love family.  Our heart is to serve each other and our city by allowing heaven to come to earth through us.