Friends of House of Hope have shared with us testimonies of what God has done in their lives as a result of prayer. 

In March 2014, I got up out of my recliner chair and heard and felt a pop in the center of my back. It really hurt, and the pain kept getting worse. In April, I went to my Physiotherepist and that only made it hurt more. I was now moving at a snails pace and in excruciating pain. It hurt to cough, to sneeze and simply walk. Over the counter pain meds didn’t even touch the pain. The doctor told me to do nothing. I entered into a severe depression.

In May of 2014, I went along camping with my husband though I couldn’t stand or make any of the meals, hoping the depression would lift. While sitting in the boat, I lurched forward somehow and the stabbing pain increased. I remained in bed until we got home. I went to the Creston Hospital for x-rays and the doctor told me that the L1 and L5 in my back were broken (I have the x rays). He told me that only time could heal and gave me pain meds and said to rest. I could do absolutely nothing. I was bed ridden and was at the mercy of my family to help me. All I could do was sit with my legs up.

In September, my daughter from Cranbrook was going to a Conference at House of Hope with Peter and Heather Jackson, and asked me to go along. My sister brought me a lawn chair to lie on. I was in such peace and entering in while we were worshiping. My husband called my phone and I went to the back of the church to answer him. I never realized until later that I actually got up and walked unaided! Wow!

Sometime during the evening we watched a powerful video clip with Todd White(I think). After the service was over and people started to leave, my sister and another woman asked if they could pray for me. I said yes. As I was outstretched in the lounge chair, I saw so clearly, like in a vision, a rustic 2x4 hit me in the back! The board in my vision was straight up and down and hit along my spine, with force. I straightened up startled, hopped up out of my chair and started dancing with loud Yahoos and joy. I had never danced like that before!! My Daughter was in a surprised awe having watched me immobilized for the last few months. I left the meeting unaided and very full of excitement.

The next morning , as I testified at HOH of God healing my back, I was asked to pray for others with back issues as well. It has been 3 years now and I have never had this back pain return. I am thinking about getting x-rays taken again. I tell anyone who asks, and many who don’t, lol . My Doctor is amazed, as well as all of my family and friends. I thank and praise God daily for who He is to me and that He healed me.
— Cindy - Canyon BC
Dear Pastor Jeff,

The Lord Jesus bless you and your team big time! We so appreciate your conference last weekend. Willie was so blessed by the conference and the fire tunnel. Willie has to haul over the Creston Salmo daily. Since the conference he has felt 100 times better. We have been in fire tunnels where someone has been appointed to pull people through and we feel the effectiveness is dramatically reduced. Thank you for allowing the Presence of God to minister to His people in the fire tunnel.

Bless you and be strengthened in the Lord!
— Willie and Celine
Cheques in the mail....... I received a cheque in the mail this week that I wasn’t expecting from the gov and it was enough to pay off some credit card debt almost to the cent.

My house also sold this week...... Within 2 months of being on the market it was sold and we will be out of it in the two months time. I declared I wanted to be out in May and it happened!
— Alana
My Daughter was running in the open area of the church one sunday morning. In her exuberance she ran into the door frame of the sunday school room and was knocked on her behind. Crying out, she started to clutch her wrist. A critical care nurse in our congregation checked her out and there was a definite break in her wrist. The angle of her wrist was not natural. We started to pray and the nurse said take her to the Emergency room at the hospital. Once we got their the doctor looked at the wrist and said” yup its broken, but lets get an x-ray first.” I let everyone know at church what the diagnoses was and they began to pray. At some point between the doctor seeing the wrist and the X-ray the wrist was completely healed. The noticeable bend in her wrist was GONE! The X-ray came back completely normal. The doctor was amazed that he could have totally misdiagnosed something so simple.
— Jeff
…If nothing else ever happens for me one thing is very clear...I am learning to hear God. One Sunday morning, Jeff shared on hearing God’s voice and he pegged me, (I sit at the back of the church for a reason, doesn’t work most times thou), so Jeff asks the question, “How do you know it is God’s voice you are hearing?” Well, that made me think. (Which I do sometime way too much.) I made a statement about hearing from other than my ears.....did not make a lot of sense at that moment. BUT again I began to think....Jeff said he would take the answer I gave and added.....”Hearing from your heart not your head” LIGHT is on!!! Yes that is it. God is using Jeff and House of Hope to beautify Cranbrook. I am a 60 something woman who finally is getting it, God’s grace & mercy. So this is what God’s children’s childhood feels like....I will take it. Jeff has provided somewhere where I am safe to grow and feel and ask questions. I am finally safe. My life has been rough, raised by a mother who did not want her daughter and let me know it all the time, (biggest mistake of her life). Looking for love in all the wrong places. Addiction to Oxycodone, (ugly stuff). Survivor of spousal abuse, (still live with physical pain daily). And so much more. Today I would not change any of it. If just one thing was different I would not be here today under the wing of House of Hope. Today I am apart of a healthy loving church family. GOD is GOOD!!!
— Pamela

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